Educational Magic Shows – Melbourne


Discovering the world and learning healthy values was never meant to be boring! Zoom gets the message across in the most fun and memorable way.

All of Zoom’s 40 minute educational shows deliver a message using magic, story telling, puppets and a catchy sing-a-long song!

Whilst the children are engaged, learning and having a great time the staff can take a moment to relax. Now this is money well spent.

All shows adhere to curriculum learning outcomes and have been developed in conjunction with Early learning and primary school staff. Each show comes with a colouring page to reinforce the message as well as a CD copy of the sing-a-long song!

Zoom’s Educational Shows:

Friendship and Diversity

Learn how to be a good friend and how to stand up for yourself. Treasure ourselves and each other’s differences.

The Magic of Books

Go on a magical journey of discovering the magic of books, promotes an interest in books and reading.

Trash Busters

Learn how just the smallest bit of trash can really hurt our environment, promotes a care for the environment and a responsibility to do your part.